What to do if your child is abusing drugs

What to do if your child is abusing drugs

Before we know it, summer will be over and kids will be starting school again.

In order for parents to prepare not only to send their child back into a learning environment, but also where they may be pressured by peers to experiment with drugs and alcohol, there are a few important things parents must know.

What parents should do if their child is abusing drugs

First and foremost, parents need to be aware that all teens to some degree are at risk for drug and alcohol abuse. It is imperative that parents be on the lookout for signs of substance abuse.

Sometimes the signs are as obvious as finding drugs or alcohol paraphernalia in a child’s room. Other parents notice change in behavior, or a drop in grades.

Still other parents won’t know there is a problem until a family member, law enforcement agent or school officials discover and report it.

Drug Testing in Orlando Schools

Some schools, including Orlando private schools, are starting mandatory drug screening for middle and high school students. Before starting school, each student must pass a drug test.

School officials will notify parents in the case of a failed test, and the student will be required to enter treatment. The schools are implementing this policy and others like it in order to help parents detect drug abuse at an early stage and get the child the help they need.

Early Intervention is Important

Any parent who finds that their teen has a substance abuse problem should get their child into treatment immediately, whether it is required by a school or not.

By staying connected to their teen and being watchful for warning signs, parents can get their child help before addiction takes over their life.

Early intervention and help from a facility that has experience working with children is important to helping a teen put addiction behind them for good.

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