Victims of Bullying

Victims of Bullying

Victims of Bullying
For many children, every day is a struggle because of bullying. Bullying has changed over the years so that it occurs in many different ways today, and many children experience long term effects because of it.

Some children seem to always be the victims of bullying. Whether it has to do with their home life, economic status, physical or academic ability, or mental health issues, some children are always targets of jokes, rude comments, and ostracism by peers. Over time, children who are always picked on may give up trying to make friends. Bullying often follows them from school to school, because they are never given the chance to interact with classmates in a positive way and develop their social skills. These are the children that isolate themselves from others and often end up with serious mental health issues.

Effects of Bullying

The fact is that children today who are bullied grow up to have low self-esteem, poor social skills, and mental health issues. These children begin to believe the mean words they are told every day by classmates. A child who is bullied by classmates feels very alone.

Many schools today are taking swift action against bullying, but they cannot address every case of bullying, and some children still do not see relief. Many schools talk a lot about the problem, but not every school does a good job of protecting victims.

Parents can help reduce bullying by talking to their children about the issue and teaching them to be kind to others, even classmates that are often picked on by peers. Sometimes one kind word from a child can help a victim gain more confidence and feel they are worth something. If more children would stand up for those who are always bullied, we would have less depression, suicide, and mental health issues among teens and adolescents today.

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