Too Young for Drugs?

Too Young for Drugs?

DrugsA common misunderstanding among adults is that the teenage years are when young people first start experimenting with drugs.

Parents aren’t often concerned about their younger children getting caught up with substance abuse or dangerous trends, but even young elementary school children can be faced with the temptation to do drugs.

Elementary Students Experimenting with Drugs

Every year, adults are shocked to hear stories of young children in possession of dangerous drugs. Just last year, a young student brought cocaine to his Washington, D.C. school and shared it with his friends, causing a number of kids to require medical care. Before that an 8 year old Pennsylvania student distributed 80 bags of heroin to classmates. Many students have gotten sick in recent years from unknowingly ingesting marijuana-laced brownies that were given to them by classmates at school.

Drugs are indeed all around us, even hidden in the hands of first, second, and third graders. Parents need to protect and warn their own young children who might come across a drug-distributing classmate. Parents can talk to their kids about the dangers of drugs and prepare them for what to do if someone ever offers them drugs.

Parents’ Responsibility to Keep Kids Safe

The question most people ask about these young children with drugs is where they got them in the first place. Unfortunately, many get the substances from parents who abuse or deal the drugs. Other kids may get drugs from older siblings, or from their parents’ medicine cabinet. Ultimately, parents are the ones who need to be responsible and should be held accountable when their child gets their hands on drugs.

It’s never too early to have the talk with kids about drugs

Even young children can understand about taking care of their bodies and avoiding things that will harm them. As children get older, parents can have more in-depth conversations about the dangers of drugs. Parents need to be diligent in order to keep their children safe. Through conversations and by setting a good example themselves, kids can learn from their parents how to stay safe from drugs.

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