Thigh Gap: A Teen Obsession

Thigh Gap: A Teen Obsession

Thigh Gap: A Teen ObsessionThigh gap is a minute feature in a person’s body, but it is a detail that is leading many young women to despair.

The term refers to the gap that occurs between the thighs when a person is standing with their knees together, and the goal is to have a big enough gap so that the thighs do not touch.

Many teen girls now feel pressured to have an adequate thigh gap, as if this one feature of the body is an accurate measure of a person’s worth.

Social Media Sites Promote Poor Body Image

Most people have never heard of a thigh gap before, but ask nearly any teenage girl about it and they all know about the phenomenon. Not only that, but most know friends who are striving for it.

It is also a common term on Internet sites like Tumblr and Twitter, where young teens are constantly receiving mixed messages about body image. Teens use these sites to post pictures of themselves, and also to view pictures of celebrities and models they emulate, hoping to find a way to get that perfect body.

Impossible Expectations Result in Eating Disorders

The problem with trends that obsess over things like a good thigh gap is that young girls are setting impossible expectations for themselves. More and more girls are taking drastic steps like extreme dieting and exercising to get the perfect body.

Eating disorders are dangerous and can lead to severe physical health problems, mental health issues, substance abuse disorders and even death.

It is important for parents to talk to their teen and help them develop a healthy view of themselves. It is also necessary for our society to stop putting such an emphasis on body type, and help our young people focus on their inner beauty rather than their thigh gap or body size.

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