Testimonials for Success

Billie and Summer

“He’s not the same kid he was forty-five days ago. I’m impressed.”

Treatment outcomes may vary.


“Adolescent Growth provided a stepping stone for him. It made a big difference.”

Treatment outcomes may vary.


“I came in here desperate and I’m leaving hopeful.”

Treatment outcomes may vary.


“The support for my daughter was above and beyond what was expected.”

Treatment outcomes may vary.


“They made it easy for me to open up and talk to them. I felt that they really cared about Kyle.”

Treatment outcomes may vary.


“The therapists here were really able to develop a deep and close relationship with my son.”

Treatment outcomes may vary.


“We have hope and confidence now that we’re going to succeed on this path.”

Treatment outcomes may vary.


“I’m proof, and my daughter is proof that this program works.”

Treatment outcomes may vary.

Carrie and Family

“She was given the tools to move forward with her life in a positive way and achieve the results that everybody wants to see for her.”

Treatment outcomes may vary.


“The whole family is there in groups and you’re all laughing. . . and then you realize how long it’s been since you all laughed together.”

Treatment outcomes may vary.


“We all have as a family grown tremendously. It has been a great experience.”

Treatment outcomes may vary.


“It’s bittersweet, because now we have communication, we talk and we hear each other and it’s been because of the family therapy. Don’t give it a second thought, its life changing.”

Treatment outcomes may vary.


“Everybody has the same issues within their households…we are not perfect and the other
parents are not perfect and it provides a nice support group.”

Treatment outcomes may vary.

Dr. Kristina and Lance

“Everybody here has been not just kind but truly professional in everything they did. The kind of people you can trust your kids with.”

Treatment outcomes may vary.


Written Testimonials

My family and I had a wonderful experience with adolescent Growth. My son was on a terrible and dangerous path that as a parent I was unable to detour. I happen to live in an area where there is very little mental health or psychiatric services available. I was referred to Adolescent Growth as it was in my insurance network. I was put in touch with Dr. Joi Lewis and with about 24 to 48 hours my insurance had agreed to his treatment and I had my son on a plane the next day.

I had no idea of what was needed from me and Dr. Joi and her staff held my hand every step of the way. This was such a learning growing experience for my son, my self and our entire family. It was very difficult as he was so far away and understanding how and why they do the things they do within their very structured environment was at some times difficult for me but in the end I completely understood how and why… I put my faith and trust in Dr. Joi and her wonderful staff and the son they returned to me was they boy that I haven’t seen for many years.

My son was a great success. He tiered up the the 5th tier and graduated a couple of days early. It was what saved his life and healed my family and I owe them more than I will ever be able to repay. I recommend this facility to any parent that has a behavioral and substance abuse issue. AGAIN, THANK YOU DR. JOI, JUSTIN AND THE REST OF YOUR AMAZING STAFF! WE LOVE AND APPRECIATE ALL OF YOU!! GOD BLESS YOU ALL!!

love always,
-Kristen and Rylan

Treatment outcomes may vary.

Hi Dr. Joy!!!

I’m very excited about tomorrow! It’s bitter sweet in some ways. This has been such an amazing journey. I’ve learned so much about myself and Mason and feel for the first time in years encouraged. I no longer feel like a bad mother but instead feel courageous for learning how to better communicate with Mason. I am so proud of him and feel like he will continue to move in a better direction. Although he won’t be living with me I still feel our relationship is stronger than ever before. But I will miss him dearly!!

There are not enough words to express my gratitude. You are a blessing and I believe God intended to have our paths cross. I guess what I was forgetting is things happen on God’s timeline for a reason. And when I was at my lowest point, losing all faith, He guided me. I truly feel blessed!

Thank you!
-Pleased Parent

Treatment outcomes may vary.
The quality of service received at Adolescent Growth was excellent and my experiences exceeded my expectations. Adolescent Growth met all of my needs and I would recommend them to anyone in need of help. I am very pleased with the services that me and my family received. The best things about Adolescent Growth was the delivery of services, the frequency of therapy, structure of the day for my child, friendly but professional communication of information from the therapists, along with the billing and appropriately handling the insurance company. All of the therapists were incredibly wonderful. I cannot say enough about Shauna and Justin, they were equally great. Alex (13 years old) learned so much from all of them.


Proud Parent
I just want to say Thank You for all the help you are giving us with our son. The staff is amazing and I learned a lot today and appreciate all of it! It was so good to see my son and hear him making progress. Today brought me hope that I haven’t felt in a long time. Today I saw a part of my son that hasn’t been around for awhile. Together we will travel this journey and I appreciate how much work all of you put into this for our kids. Please tell everyone thank you!



Treatment outcomes may vary.

Dear Treatment Team,

My daughter’s mood was unstable and her outlook was uncertain when she came to Adolescent Growth. She was continuing a cycle of in-patient hospitalizations and very resistant to prior treatment plans. Now, she has a much better perspective after completing the program at Adolescent Growth. She is far more stable and for the first time in a long time I am hopeful for my daughter.

– Parent of Adolescent Growth Graduate

Treatment outcomes may vary.

Just wanted to say thank you so much for taking care of us all, in our heart, mind and spirit. Thank you so much for all your care and support and wisdom. Everything you said would happen when we spoke to our daughter, did happen. She did question certain things, she did make promises and all that. But, we really appreciate your advice.

Because it came in really handy. And thank you so much because I saw my daughter yesterday and she is coming back to her God given self. And it was just such a miracle for me to see her and have her hug me like that. Anyway, thank you so much Dr. Joy for all you are doing for my daughter and our whole family.

Have a blessed day,
-Amy’s mom

Treatment outcomes may vary.

Alumni Testimonials
Dear Adolescent Growth,

These past 64 days have completely changed my life. I came in willing, and that made my time here go by so fast. When I first walked through these doors, I honestly felt like a little girl. I knew what I wanted, but I had no clue how I could get to my desired goal; sobriety, and joy without being self destructive.

My days here have been easy, hard, tested, emotional, sad, fun, exciting and in all a learning experience. The biggest things I have learned here that stuck out to me the most are several coping skills, how to work with others, and that in order to be happy, it’s MY job to make that happen.

Mindfulness, emotional regulation, inter/intrapersonal skills, distress tolerance, and everything in between have all helped me get to my goal and I am so grateful for that. I know that treatment doesn’t just stop here. It’s all about consistency and I plan to do that once I leave.

Again, thank you Anna, Karen, mama, papa, Robby, Stella, the CC’s, Melissa, and everyone else for supporting me through this process. I will be forever grateful for this opportunity and I am eager to move onto a brighter future.

– Adolescent Growth Graduate

Treatment outcomes may vary.

Dear Potential Client of Adolescent Growth,

My treatment here at Adolescent Growth has been phenomenal. It has changed my life for the better, and I am shocked by my change. I was told on May 29, 2012 I would be going into rehab. I never thought I had a problem whatsoever. I had been smoking pot for about 14 months and I loved my life and how it was going. I had two drug addicted parents but only lived with my mom what abusing opiates for the past eight years. We were close considering it was just the two of us, but
we did have our little arguments here and there some resulting badly. About a month before that, the idea of rehab was brought up to me, but because my mom was a drug addict, I figured I could manipulate my way out of it as I usually did.

When it came to the day I was leaving to come to treatment at 10pm, I was upset and I was mad but I had this weird feeling in my mind that I couldn’t understand. even with my denial, was pretty open minded inside to come find out. I was saying “fine, they think I’m an addict, I’ll just go to treatment and get it over with ad then when I’m back I will just start smoking weed again like how I was before”. This was my belief for a long time even up until I was a good week into treatment.

The first step was the hardest for me. I can remember my first week in treatment, working on my step work, I looked at some questions:

Has your using affected any of your relationships?
Any missed appointments?
Any black outs?

I thought, “none of this applies to me at all, it proves I’m not an addict”. But after really taking inventory of myself, I realized how much it really DID APPLY TO ME. It applied a lot more that I thought it did. So once I began to work my treatment one day at a time, I really became aware of my problem I had. It became cleat how I was subconsciously all along knew I was an addict. I continued with my step work ad had a moment of clarity. I have been blesses to have gone through this treatment ad have a new mind set of life. I am going back into the real world a completely new person and my life has begun a second stage and I continue to thrive for the rest of my life.


Treatment outcomes may vary.

Thank you so much for accepting me into AGI. This program has really changed my life. I am so very grateful for all of your help. Thank you for being so caring and kind to me, despite all of my mishaps. I am touched by all of the love shown towards me and my treatment. I truly have grown stronger in this treatment. It has rebuilt my relationship with each of my family members.

Thank you,

Treatment outcomes may vary.

Thank you so much, this was a life changing experience for me. I want to say thank you for having this wonderful facility. I’ve seen your facility help so many kids including me. You brought me and my mother so close now and I want to thank you so much for that. I remember when I first came here, I was so mad, I hated it. I hated everyone and I hated myself for where I was in life. I stayed quiet and I would not participate for about a week. But you guys kept working with me and I had to break down and accept the help and love that you were offering me. I will take the things that I have learned here and use them throughout the rest of my life. You made me into the person I am today and I want to thank you for taking me into your facility.

Thanks AGI, you are wonderful, never forget that!

Treatment outcomes may vary.

Dear Adolescent Growth,

I would like to formally thank all of you for creating this wonderful program. It has helped me a lot to establish the good relationship that I now have with both of my parents and my brothers. All of the staff are kind, generous and positive people. Whenever I was down someone would come and talk to me and help put a smile on my face. They treat everyone with such respect and care. Thank you for this facility, it was just what I needed and it has helped me get on with my life.

This program has helped me in ways most couldn’t understand. It’s helped how I interact with others, how I talk with my family and even how to deal with issues that come up in my life. For this I an extremely grateful.

Another thing that I am grateful for is the wide array of people that I have had the privilege of meeting. People like Katie who have taught me how to keep my sobriety under tough situations. People like Eli have taught me how to stay relaxed. Sierra has taught me how to be compassionate and caring towards others. Those are just a small percentage of examples of great young men and women that have changed my life for the better. You see this program’s staff and the kid’s wonderful stories taught me more than 6 therapists, a psychiatric ward, two psychiatrists and all of my family members were ever able to teach me. The stories of survival and triumph over hard times, family issues abuse, and drugs. in this program are priceless. We live together with a very small group of kids and we learn each others stories. We relate to each other and form strong bonds. We simply become a kind of rehab family. And this family shares a goal that has baffled scientists for years: sobriety. This goal is not easily achieved and we know this. That’s why we try to help each other and communicate through hardships.

Thank you AGI,


Treatment outcomes may vary.

Dear AGI,

Thank you so much for helping me and my family. This program honestly works miracles. I never would have thought I wanted to quit drugs but this experience helped me see what I want for the rest of my life. You’ve given me a second chance and the opportunity to live a good sober happy life I could only dream of. My family and I are better than ever and thank you for giving me these things that will be with me forever.

-Adolescent Growth Graduate

Treatment outcomes may vary.

Dear Mr. Lewis and Dr. Joy,

Thank you so much for all your helping my treatment. When I got here I honestly never thought I would want to be sober. Your center has changed my life and I’m so thankful for all of the staff here at AGI. I think this program has helped for my dad as well because now I can go home and share what I’ve learned with him too. It was really hard for me to open up and really let go of everything but I can safely say I won’t be touching drugs for a the rest of my life. I’ve gained so much weight and I look so much better. There’s no turning back now. I’m on my way to a happy healthy drug free life. it’s going to be a really hard journey but the reward is worth it. I have a better relationship with my mom than I have ever had and it’s all thanks to you guys. Please keep sharing this gift with others, its definitely one of the best things that could’ve happened to me.

I can now go home and feel good about myself and I’m happy my family can finally be proud of me. I will definitely keep in touch and let you know how things are going. Good luck to all the kids to come. You two are wonderful people doing a very re-paying job. God bless you and thank you for everything.


Treatment outcomes may vary.

Dear Adolescent Growth,

Thank you for showing me there is more to life then drugs. I can’t thank you enough. I’m 54 days clean thanks to all of you. Maria, I am going to particularly miss you and your amazing dinners. You make the best food EVER! I really look up to you and Sonya. You guys are amazing. You guys showed me I don’t need drugs to be happy. I know nothing is going to be easy in life, but I know I can make it. I just need to stay strong and be sober. I’m going to miss you and I thank you sooo much!


Treatment outcomes may vary.


I owe you a huge hug thank you! You guys are truly amazing in everything you do. I can’t believe how well you all change people’s lives. I have seen so many miracles come in and leave at AGI. Every staff you hire is so great because they truly know what we’re going through because they’ve been there and they got through it which motivates us to move forward because if they can do it, surely we can. I was beginning to think there was no hope for me that I would never get out of my predicament until I heard
ADOLESCENT GROWTH IS THE BEST, and I believe that it is! You gave me exactly what I wanted: the chance to start over and to make everything right. So again I can’t thank you enough for everything. I’m not sure if it’s allowed, but I would love to work here and help other kids like me one day. You have accomplished the impossible and found a way to turn around teenagers going down the wrong path and I commend you for this. This is an amazing program!



Treatment outcomes may vary.

Thank you for being there for me and helping me out through this program. Also, thank you for supporting me and making the relationship with my mother better and for teaching me a lot of coping skills when I am angry or mad. Thank you for having wonderful staff here that care about us and are always there for us when we are down and sad. I just wanted to say thank you so much and I am going to miss this place and all of the staff, groups, food, and 12 step meetings. When I leave here I am going to be sober.

Thank you
-Jalyn, age 16

Treatment outcomes may vary.

Words cannot describe how much appreciation and respect I have for all of you. I have been helped so much. I could not have asked for a better therapist. She helped me so much through my entire treatment. I felt comfortable around her from the very beginning and I never felt like I had to hide my feelings, ever. I could just be honest knowing that she would never judge me. Thank you for everything. She is such a sweetheart and I will never forget her or the help that was given to me and my family. Thanks to all of the staff I am leaving rehab a confident happy girl who gets along with her parents. I’ll never forget you Adolescent Growth.

-Nicole, age 16

Treatment outcomes may vary.

Thank you Adolescent Growth for helping me get past my addictions and learn skills that will help me outside of treatment. And thank you for helping me dig deeper than my addiction and my inappropriate hobbies and realize my insecurities were why I was doing all of the things I was doing. Thank you for helping me deal with my insecurities and work on them in a positive way. Now I am ready to go back into the world and use the skills I learned here to deal with negative things that come at me in my life so they can’t break me down. I will always be appreciative.

-Sierra, age 17

Treatment outcomes may vary.

Dear Adolescent Growth

Thank you for everything, I got a lot from this program. I got help from school and the groups, the staff and other clients. I learned a lot about how I abused drugs to block out my emotions. I have had a moment of clarity. I am now leaving a stronger person and with more willpower. I do not feel like giving up on myself anymore. Thanks to you guys and especially Yoriko, my therapist. She helped me so much. If it wasn’t for all of you I wouldn’t think I could do it anymore. I have high goals and I know that I am powerful. I’m thankful for being able to go home a better person and stronger. Thank you again and I’ll keep you all in my prayers.

-Alison, age 16

Treatment outcomes may vary.

Dear Adolescent Growth

Thank you so much for the help I have gotten from this program! I have, without a doubt, gotten a complete new view on my life and have had a moment of clarity. I have had such an amazing time here, through all of the good times and difficult times during treatment, I am coming out the other end much stronger! I have learned a lot about my emotions and how I feel from groups and school. The staff are awesome and has made my treatment a lot more efficient and helpful. My therapist Justin has given me so much insight and wisdom with my life and I am so thankful for that! Thank you for everything you have done for me, you have changed my life!

-Elly , age 17

Treatment outcomes may vary.

I thank you so much for the help of your program. This program was so beneficial and helpful. I learned new ways to cope and manage my life. I will forever be grateful.

Thank you so much,
-Alex, age 17

I have learned so many valuable things while being here. I learned how to cope with my anger in a positive, useful way. I’m leaving here with tons of coping skills, things for the moment of pain or stress and skills for the after pain.

I walked into this building 29 days ago with a pain in my heart that I thought would never go away. And today I’m leaving with strength and courage that will never fade away.

No matter where life takes me, I will ride it like a wave. I will feel the gravity that doesn’t ever go away. What goes up, must come down and no matter how far down you go someone will always bring you up. Adolescent Growth was my gravity. They brought me up out of the hole. They taught me the wrongs and rights and always helped me push past the hard times.

I came here with no hope, but I’m leaving with strength, wisdom, and more that I’ve ever had in my life. I didn’t want to believe it but it really does work. If you give yourself to this program, everything will become a possibility.

-Cheyenne, age 16

Treatment outcomes may vary.

Dear Adolescent Growth,

It’s been a pleasure being here to learn how to control my problems. I really appreciate you providing for me and teaching me how to deal with my problems. I learned how to limit my anger, drug addiction, and how to be mindful. I enjoyed interacting with staff and clients and I enjoyed the Sunday outings. I am going to miss the entire facility and every staff. Thank you for everything.

-Alvin, age 14

Treatment outcomes may vary.

Dear Adolescent Growth,

Thank you for everything that you’ve done for me here. You turned my whole life around and opened my eyes to many positive things, for example yoga, exercise, meditation, etc. The people here are just amazing…clients and staff. I know that you guys really do care about me and want to make my life better.

Thank you,
Grace, age 17

Treatment outcomes may vary.

Hi Team,

I would like to thank you for all you have done for me. I appreciate all of the staff and how patient and loving everyone has been. I know that the staff really care about the kids. I have had a lot of therapy in my life. I usually do not like the therapists and I usually do not open up to them. I have opened up to my therapist here more than ever before. I have shared my joys, laughter and pains and sorrows and I never felt that I was not accepted. That meant a lot to me. I really feel like my struggles are better and that I see things more clearly. I know that my mother really does love me and that she just wants what is best for me. I know that I have to let some people that I thought were my friends go. And I am prepared to do whatever I have to do to stay on track with my sobriety and my commitments. I have 60 days sober behind me. I am proud of myself and I owe my success to the great staff at Adolescent Growth. You guys are the best. I plan to attend the alumni each month and help others one day in my dream profession of being a therapist one day.

Thanks again for everything.
– Adolescent Growth Graduate

Treatment outcomes may vary.

Hello Staff at Adolescent Growth,

Thank you so much for all of your help. I have learned how to stay sober, how to express myself and how to be more open. I will continue my sobriety when I leave here. Also, I will stay open, happy, and getting along with my parents.

Taylor, age 16

Treatment outcomes may vary.