Positive Attitude Helps Teens Overcome Substance Abuse

Positive Attitude Helps Teens Overcome Substance Abuse

Positive attitudeParents have a constant struggle before them as they try to raise drug-free children. It can be scary to read stories and hear statistics about teen drug use in our country, and many parents feel like they are fighting a losing battle.

Many young adults experiment with drugs and alcohol, and every parent should be aware of the temptations their teens face to try these substances. However, there are many things parents can do to help keep their teen drug and alcohol free, one of which is to help them keep a positive attitude.

Misinterpreting Peer Pressure

Contrary to what many people think, the majority of teens do not do drugs. Because the stories of drug or alcohol abuse among teens are what grab our attention, many people assume that drug and alcohol abuse are everywhere, and that every teen will get high or drunk at least once. If parents and their teens have that perception, it will seem like an impossible task for the teen to avoid drugs and alcohol. Young adults need to know that there are many other kids like them, and that it is possible to make it through the teen years sober.

Positive Role Model

While it is important for teens to know that they can find friends who will offer them positive encouragement to stay sober, parents can also play a large part in keeping their teen off drugs. Parents should talk openly with their pre-teen and teen about the dangers of substance abuse, and encourage their child to stay sober. A parent can also be a positive role model for their teen by being responsible, living a healthy lifestyle, and respecting alcohol and drugs themselves by not abusing them. Teens do listen to their parents and, more importantly, imitate them. Parents need to see themselves as the positive role model their teen needs.

Positive Activities

Teens that take part in positive activities are much less likely to get involved with drugs or alcohol. Parents should encourage their teen to participate in sports, work, volunteering, clubs, and other local activities to keep them busy. These things all occupy a young adult’s time and provide them with healthy challenges to help them develop and grow. Developing a positive attitude toward life and their future will help teens avoid substance abuse.

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