How to Pay for Eating Disorder Treatment for Your Child

How to Pay for Eating Disorder Treatment for Your Child

After you decide to seek professional help for your child’s eating disorder, the next step is to figure out how you’ll pay for it. Whether your child is suffering from anorexia, bulimia or binge eating disorder, you may have several payment options to consider. In this post, we’ll explore some of the most common ways people pay for eating disorder treatment.

Young parents research eating disorder treatment costs.
How much will your insurance provider cover for your child’s eating disorder treatment? Verify your benefits with Adolescent Growth today.

Paying for Eating Disorder Treatment through Private In-Network Insurance

Some treatment centers may be able to work with your private insurance company to help pay for some—or all—of your child’s rehab. Just as an example, Adolescent Growth is a preferred provider with in-network contracts with most major medical insurance companies. Because of this, we are confident we can find an appropriate plan to help you pay for eating disorder treatment for your child.

Paying for Eating Disorder Treatment through Private Out-of-Network Insurance

If your insurance plan is like most, it probably offers out-of-network benefits in addition to your in-network coverage. The only drawback is that out-of-network benefits often come with higher deductibles, coinsurance costs and a more demanding rate of pay.

Does Your Insurance Cover Treatment at Adolescent Growth?

To find out, call our friendly admissions team and have your insurance information handy. They are standing by to answer all of your insurance-related questions. Don’t have time for a call? Fill out our Verification of Benefits form and we’ll get back to you—usually within one business day.

What to Do if Your Insurance Coverage isn’t Enough

Ask the treatment centers you’re considering if they can help you pay for eating disorder treatment by facilitating third-party loans with reasonable payment options you can manage. We can’t speak for other rehabs, but Adolescent Growth is willing to do whatever we can to remove the barrier of cost from your child’s path toward recovery.

What Determines the Cost of Eating Disorder Treatment?

There is no easy answer to this question. But ultimately, it comes down to the level of care your loved one needs to overcome his or her eating disorder. Our admissions team can help you figure this out with a free over-the-phone assessment which will then be shared with our treatment team. Next, we’ll offer our recommendation for your child.

For some, an intensive outpatient program will be ideal. For others, our residential eating disorder treatment plan will be more effective. We believe strongly in letting your child’s specific needs drive the treatment program, not your finances. This is why we’ve made sure to achieve in-network status with many of the most popular insurance companies.

Learn More About Paying for Eating Disorder Treatment at Adolescent Growth

Ready to take the first step toward helping your child recover from an eating disorder? Gives us call today, or learn more about the admission process at Adolescent Growth.