Parents Supplying Alcohol in Trouble with the Law

Parents Supplying Alcohol in Trouble with the Law

supplying alcohol to minorsA family in Wisconsin recently made headlines because their poor decisions regarding underage drinking left 3 teenage boys dead. The suburban couple and their teenage son hosted a drinking party for seniors and recent graduates of a local high school. The night ended in tragedy when three of the young adults crashed their car into a tree on the way home and died. The recent announcement of penalties handed down in the case has brought out mixed reactions by the public.

Fair Punishment?

The fines for the adults that purchased the alcohol and hosted the drinking party totaled $2700. While many people feel this amount is too low, the District Attorney stated that because these boys were 18, there was little more prosecutors could do. If they would have been minors, the punishment would have been harsher.

The DA went on to say that the couple has been very honest and cooperative with authorities throughout the entire investigation. They admit that the wife bought the alcohol and that the husband was in the room while the kids were drinking. They admit that these kids were given enough alcohol to make their blood alcohol content twice the legal limit for driving, and then were allowed to drive home.

Better Education for Parents

Many argue that this punishment will do nothing to deter other parents from doing the same thing. They say that these parents should have never put the young adults in the position to drive drunk in the first place. Time and again, we see the deadly consequences of parents who think it is ok to give alcohol to underage teens.

Parents need to get smart about underage drinking. We can’t very well expect our young people to understand about the dangers of alcohol when their parents don’t even know how to be responsible with the substance. Perhaps parents should be made to attend parenting classes and drunk driving classes to educate themselves about the dangers of alcohol, so that they will stop providing alcohol to minors.

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