Parents on Drugs

Parents on Drugs

parents on drugsParents sometimes find it hard to be good role models for their children. However, parental influences are important in shaping who a child grows up to be, and any positive effort on the part of the parent is helpful. On the other hand, parents who are addicted to drugs themselves are much more likely to have children who grow up to be drug addicts.

Effect of Parental Drug Addiction in Kids

Kids suffer when their parent is on drugs. Their lives are unstable and chaotic, with parents who are sometimes attentive to their needs one day and out of the picture the next. These kids’ homes are often filled with abuse, neglect, and violence. Parents are often taken to jail for theft or drug crimes, or may be so ill with addiction that they abandon their children.

Living with a drug addict is no life for a child. The effects of parental drug abuse on children can last for the rest of their lives. These kids tend to perform poorly in school, have lack of motivation, suffer from emotional stress, and experience behavioral issues. As these children grow up, they may have trouble with relationships, with holding down a job, and with continuing the cycle of drug abuse themselves.

Keeping Children Safe

In cases where parents are unable or unwilling to properly care for their kids, the children are removed from the home by authorities. A secure home will be found among relatives or in the foster care system. If parents work with the system to get clean and sober, they can in some instances get their children back. Other children find safety and love in foster homes or other living situations until they are old enough to live on their own.

Education and prevention are vital to keeping more families and children out of these sad situations. Before couples become parents, they need to learn about the dangers of drug abuse not only for themselves, but for their children as well. Most of all, it is important that parents who are on the path to addiction get help right away in order to keep their family together and their children safe.

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