Parents Can Be a Positive Role Model

Parents Can Be a Positive Role Model

Role ModelsThere are so many talented and famous people in our world, and many of them have become role models to the young people of today. Whether it is a skilled athlete, a famous musician, an actor, or an author, there are certainly many role models to choose from. When children begin to look up to certain people or role models to emulate, parents need to be careful that their children are choosing good qualities to strive for. While celebrities of our day often let us down, young people can still be encouraged by other good role models.

Nearly every new week brings another news headline of an athlete, or an actor, or a musician in trouble because of drug or alcohol abuse. There are many treatment facilities that specialize in treating the rich and famous, because often with a celebrity’s money and lifestyle comes drug abuse. Because of this, celebrities can definitely disappoint their fans, and young people should understand that even good role models can get caught up with substance abuse.

The Best Role Models

Many parents are unaware of the fact that they actually serve as their child’s most inspiring role model. Teens don’t always show it, but they do hear their parents’ words, they do pay attention, and they do often follow their advice. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), teenagers whose parents talk to them regularly about the dangers of drugs are 42% less likely to use drugs than those whose parents don’t have these conversations. Studies also show that parents who abuse drugs or alcohol themselves are much more likely to have a child who abuses drugs or alcohol.

According to the National Crime Prevention Council, “The main reason that kids don’t use alcohol, tobacco, or drugs is because of their parents — because of their positive influence and because they know it would disappoint them.” Parents, don’t let some athlete or celebrity be the most important influence of your child’s life, because these people often fail at that job. Talk to your child yourself and be the positive influence that your child really needs in their life right now.

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