Hope and Renewal Easter Activities

Hope and Renewal Easter Activities

Easter Activities at Adolescent Growth Easter is a time of hope and renewal. To Christians, Easter is the celebration of Christ’s resurrection from the dead. This holiday provides hope to believers, regardless of the mistakes they have made in their life, because everyone can experience a new beginning in Christ.

We here at Adolescent Growth wanted to capture the spirit of the season for our youths.

Easter and Spring Mean New Life

Easter is celebrated in the spring, which in itself provides the hope of new life. It is at this time of year that we see the first flowers of the season, and trees that have been dormant over the winter become alive with new blooms. Spring is when we witness the world coming to life after months of cold, dreariness and snow.

The celebration of life that comes with this holiday can be a special time for those in recovery. Easter provides inspiration during the journey toward a new, healthier life. Life can blossom even in the darkest depths of addiction, and those seeking a fresh start may find that Easter provides renewal during recovery.

Group Activities at Adolescent Growth Encourage Renewal

To commemorate the season , clients at Adolescent Growth participated in two timely Easter activities this week. The first group took part in an Easter Mindfulness Walk, where participants practiced being mindful of the sights, sounds and sensations around them. As they walked, group members collected positive statements of affirmation hidden in Easter eggs. The group then discussed what these affirmations meant to each of them, using art techniques to display the affirmations.

The second group’s activity focused on family Easter traditions. Participants shared their own traditions and the happy memories of time spent with their family. These group members also discussed the meaning of Easter and the application it has on their lives and their recovery.

Recovery from an eating disorder, an addiction, or a mental health disorder can be emotional. And participating in Easter activities where channeling those emotions to reflect life, hope and renewal not only transmits the spirit of the season, but breathes new life into the hearts of troubled souls. As flawed humans, we can become discouraged and feel that the task of change and recovery is too large to overcome, but when we remember Christ’s resurrection and the beauty and renewal of spring, we can find the strength to continue on our path to a new life.

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