What sets Adolescent Growth apart from other facilities?

Adolescent Growth specializes in holistic treatment plans that combine research based interventions provided by a caring and compassionate staff of industry leaders.  Each client receives an individualized treatment plan.

  1. Joint Commission accredited since 2005.
  2. 1000 + adolescent males and females treated since 2005 nationwide.
  3. Insurance options are available for covering the cost of treatment at Adolescent Growth.  We have a Utilization Review Department devoted solely to demonstrating medical necessity and obtaining authorization.  Said authorization can cover most, if not all, of the cost of treatment at Adolescent Growth.
  4. Owners are directly involved with every case from admission to discharge.
  5. Our well structured Dialectical Behavioral Therapy program consistently helps 200+ families per year.

How much of the treatment cost will my insurance cover?

Adolescent Growth is a preferred provider with most insurance companies.  Due to our history of excellence in adolescent treatment with most major insurance company members, Adolescent Growth is frequently recommended by the insurance company to its members for superior care and successful outcome measures.

How do I go about getting my child admitted?

The very first step is contacting our admissions office at 888-948-9998.  Our admissions staff can answer any questions you have about the program, the process and how we can help your child.  Next admissions will take your insurance information and provide a verification of benefits.  This usually takes anywhere from a few hours to one day.

A pre-assessment will then be completed to be sure that your child is a good fit for our program.  The pre-assessment is a telephone interview that usually takes about 1.5-2 hours.  All of this data is used by the treatment team to create a thorough picture of the client’s past behaviors and what led the family to seek treatment.  If we feel that you and your child are a good fit for our program, then we will move forward with a set of consents you will need to sign in order to admit your child to our program.

What is to be done about missed school days?

Strong academic performance is an important part of restoring hope, increasing motivation and preparing an adolescent for their return home.  Clients at At Adolescent Growth are able to keep up with their studies in one of three ways:

1. Our academic coordinator will contact your child’s school in order to create a plan for them to stay on track with their assignments . Each week the parents are asked to bring assignments from the student’s school to the facility so that the adolescent can complete the work in our classroom.  Once the student completes the assignments we will give it back to the parent to return to the teacher for grading.  The student will be able to stay on track and continue to earn credits from his her home school.

2. Independent studies: Once per week we take participating students to a charter school where they can work through appropriate grade-level assignments.The charter school we partner with is an accredited program that is based on independent study.  It offers individualized learning plans for each student based on their needs, abilities and aspirations for the future.Enrolling students are tested for academic competency and their educational history is assessed.  This includes a two hour assessment exam.  Based on these assessments an individual performance plan is created.  The plan focuses the student on no more than two core subjects and advancement is based on demonstrated mastery of the subject matter through tests, presentations and projects.Students are responsible for completing their assignments on time. School work is done from Monday to Friday in the classroom at the facility.  An academic coordinator is available at these times for one on one tutoring and assistance.

3. We also provide enrichment work such as writing assignments, novels and work to accompany the novels, math assignments and current events for students when they are on Christmas, spring, summer and other breaks. Students will not receive credit for the work they do with this option.  It is enrichment only.

How long is the program?

Adolescent Growth requires a 45 day commitment from families who intend to admit their teen into our program. Residential treatment is designed to immerse the teen in a daily milieu that reflects a healthy, stable lifestyle and 45 days is the minimum amount of time it takes for this type of intervention to be effective.

Once your child is admitted to our program their treatment team will create a personalized plan for them that is based on their own unique needs.  This plan and how your child responds to their treatment will more accurately predict the duration of time it will take for your child to graduate from our program.

How do I help my child after discharge?

Adolescent Growth begins planning for your child’s discharge immediately at intake.  Our treatment team works together with the parent to design a collaborative treatment plan that incorporates coping skills that will be beneficial when the adolescent returns home.

As a parent, you are an integral part of your child’s support system and you are encouraged to participate in the groups that we have available for parents and family.  Our Multi Family Restoration Workshop is held every weekend and specifically designed to help parents learn to build a positive and supportive relationship with their teen.  We also have parent support groups which you can join remotely.

We also offer monthly Alumni Groups that are facilitated by one of our esteemed clinicians.  The Alumni Group is offered free of charge to both parents and clients that have successfully completed our program.  This monthly support group helps teens stay in touch with their peers in recovery and receive support from the community.

How do I know if my child needs treatment?

If your child is struggling with one or more of these issues, it’s time to call Adolescent Growth

  • Substance Abuse including alcohol or drugs
  • Eating Disorders or extreme weight loss or gain
  • Depression, Anxiety, OCD, Bipolar or other Mental Health Disorders
  • Self-Injurious behavior including cutting, burning and overdosing
  • Co-Occurring Substance Abuse and Mental Health Disorders

My child is not willing to get help, is there anything I can do?

If your teen does not recognize they have a problem or are unwilling to go to treatment, an intervention is a good option.  An intervention is an orchestrated attempt, usually led by an intervention specialist, to convince the teen that their behavior is causing harm and that they are in need of treatment.

Family, friends and the intervention specialist sit down with the teen and communicate to the them that they are worried. Often this is done by describing the ways in which family relationships are being harmed by the teen’s choices and behavior.  The teen is given the choice between accepting help or incurring losses such as household privileges and financial support.

Adolescent Growth provides referrals for intervention specialists.

What happens when I call?

Your call begins a process that involves a verification of insurance benefits followed by a thorough assessment of your teen’s current and past conditions.  Our kind and compassionate Admissions Specialists are available twenty four hours a day, seven days a week to take your call and provide a free assessment to begin your healing journey.

Does Adolescent Growth Accept Insurance?

Yes, Adolescent Growth is capable of accepting most insurance plans. A free benefits verification can be completed prior to admission so that any financial commitments may be discussed early in the admission process.

Why Adolescent Growth?

Adolescent Growth is a Joint Commission accredited program that has been helping teens make positive changes for more than a decade.  Treatment plans are individualized and built to emphasize your child’s unique skills and strengths