Is it Drug Abuse? Signs Your Teen is Using

Have you seen strange fluctuations with your teen lately? You’ve noticed the changes, the mood swings, the signs of erratic behavior. You may not be familiar with all of the signs yet, but you think it has something to do with substance abuse.

Here is a comprehensive list of signs of drug addiction. Read through the lists from Drug Free.

Personal Appearance

  • Poor hygiene. Careless grooming. No longer cares what s/he looks like.
  • Track marks on arms and legs. Usually wears long sleeves even in warm weather in order to conceal the marks.

Personal Habits/Actions

  • Usually smells of smoke. Breath or clothes smell off and unusual.
  • Always chewing gum; This could be to cover up the unusual smell of his breath
  • Red eyes and signs of a nasal irritation
  • Never follows curfew
  • Engaged in reckless acts that put his life at risk like getting drunk and driving
  • Is no longer comfortable with eye contact
  • Always locks the doors of his room
  • Answers phone calls in a secretive and furtive manner

Health Issues

  • Nosebleeds, runny nose that is not caused by a cold or flu
  • Sores or spots around his mouth
  • Often nauseous, wets lips or suffers from excessive thirst which is a sign of cotton mouth
  • Vomiting, seizures and death are often seen in extreme cases


You have plenty of options for treatment. It’s best, however, to find an adolescent drug detox center in Los Angeles that can provide a treatment plan that specifically addresses your teen’s situation. Every patient is unique in what he needs so if you find a rehab center that offers that service, put it on top of the treatment options you’ll explore.

Depending on your teen’s condition and how aggressive the addiction is, you could go for inpatient or outpatient treatments. If your teen needs medical assistance 24/7 through the withdrawal, inpatient care is advised. You could also look into outpatient treatments you can work around your teen’s schedule at school. So seek out help. It’s never too late to help your child recover from drug abuse. With assistance and support, you and your child will make it. For help, contact us at Adolescent Growth today.

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