Deadly Trend: Combining Xanax and Alcohol

Deadly Trend: Combining Xanax and Alcohol

Kids will be kids – but too often the things kids experiment can be dangerous or even deadly.

Parents often feel incapable of keeping their child from doing drugs or alcohol or taking part in dangerous trends.

The first thing parents should do is educate themselves on the latest teen trends so that they can warn their child and then be on the lookout for these dangers in their child’s life.

A news station in Terre Haute, Indiana recently warned parents of a dangerous teen trend that has made its way into their community.

Kids crush the sedative, Xanax, and lace gummy bears with it. The gummy bears are often then dropped into glasses of alcohol, combining the two substances to make a deadly cocktail.

“It’s hard to imagine someone taking an anesthetic drug, mixing it with alcohol, so they’re already sedated,” said Noah Coley of Terra Haute.  “It’s a double whammy.  It’s very dangerous.”

In Indiana, a young woman was recently murdered and a 14 year old was sexually assaulted while under the influence of Xanax and alcohol combined.

When these substances are taken at the same time, teens often fall into a near comatose state, completely unable to protect themselves.

Still, many teens and young adults do not see the danger in abusing these substances, and they are not aware of how harmful mixing drugs or combining them with alcohol can be.

Parents Can Help Prevent Teen Trends

Many parents think their kids know better than to try these dangerous trends, while others trust that their kids are telling them the truth about not doing drugs. Still others feel that kids will all experiment with drugs and alcohol to some extent and a talk from a parent won’t change that.

Parents should talk to their kids about drugs and alcohol. Studies have shown over and over that kids who learn about the dangers of substance abuse from talks with their parents are much less likely to try drugs. Parents need to feel empowered to talk to their kids and be the anti-drug advocate in their teen’s life.

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