Christian Recovery Program

For some adolescents, bringing their faith with them to rehab is an important part of who they are. Or you may feel that this is a better alternative for your child than some of the other kinds of programs that we offer at Adolescent Growth.

One of our three addiction treatment centers is exclusively dedicated to Christian based recovery programs.

Why faith based rehab?

By using the Bible as a guide, and a belief in God as a powerful life-long support, many teens battling an addiction feel an extra sense of belonging that they can carry with them into the aftercare period. They find that they are able to use prayer anywhere in order to help them with stress and temptation. This sense of belonging may be a completely new feeling for some teens, and for many with an addiction this is a true turning point.

Attending a Christian recovery program is a natural segue way into joining a church or Christian youth group after leaving the Adolescent Growth inpatient treatment program. This often gives teens a ready-made group of peers who will be a healthy and positive influence. It gives them new friendships to help replace the negative ones that may have led to the substance abuse or eating disorder.

Do Christian based recovery programs exclude other beliefs?

Not at all. It simply means that our certified addiction counselors, who are also Christian, use faith as one of the most important and steady principles in the recovery process. Your teen will also receive individual therapy and medical management of anxiety or other issues as needed. Healthy physical activity and nutrition are important aspects of any rehab program.

Faith based programs are particularly effective in helping your teen create a relapse plan. Needing to feel a part of the group is a basic need for adolescents, and attending a Christian recovery program gives an immediate sense of belonging to a large and immediately available group both inside and outside of the program.

Rest assured, religion isn’t forced or strident in our programs, so even if your son or daughter hasn’t had an active belief in Christianity or spirituality, they will feel at home and accepted when they enter rehab.