Children Are Always Watching

Children Are Always Watching

Parents often underestimate the amount of influence they have over their kids.

Children, even from a young age, are always watching and learning from their parents.

In order to teach their children well and instill healthy habits into their lifestyle, parents should always model good behavior.

Parents Can Be a Role Model for their Children

Parents witness the watchful eyes of their kids in many aspects of life, beginning when the child is young.

A child might declare that they want to do what daddy does for a job when they get older, or a child may mother her dolls using the same kinds of words her own mother uses.

Children Take More Than the Good Habits

Children Are Always Watching

Kids see and mimic the negative behaviors too – using bad words or pretending to smoke. It should be no wonder that as kids get older they continue to watch and imitate what they witness.

If a parent smokes, their children will likely smoke. If a parent abuses alcohol and regularly comes home drunk, their teen may abuse alcohol. A parent who does drugs is much more likely to have a child who experiments with drugs also.

A parent can warn, threaten and talk all they want about saying no to drugs and alcohol, but if the parent isn’t modeling positive behavior, they are undoing their whole message.

Modeling Healthy Behavior

Not only should parents avoid teaching their children negative behavior by avoiding certain things, but they should work on doing positive things that they want their child to learn.

A parent should work on stress reduction techniques so that their child learns healthy ways to manage stress.

Parents can show a healthy respect for prescription medications to instill these values in their children.

Above all, a parent should model a fit lifestyle, including eating right, exercising and getting adequate sleep. This will not only help the adults to be healthier, but their kids will learn some important lessons about taking care of their bodies as well.

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