Lauren Rodman, M.S., A.M.F.T.

Primary Therapist

With years of experience in the mental health field, Lauren brings to Adolescent Growth a level of warmth and authenticity that makes her a favorite among our clients. Her tremendous commitment to the well-being of our teens makes Lauren an indispensable part of our team.

As a primary therapist at Adolescent Growth, Lauren works one-on-one with our teens to support them emotionally and help them develop practical solutions to the difficult challenges they face. Her steadfast commitment to our philosophies, missions and values is visible in all the work she does with our clients in Lombard, Illinois.

Lauren began her academic career as a student at Northern Illinois University where she earned a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology. Upon completion of her undergraduate degree, Lauren went on to earn her Master of Science in Applied Family and Child Studies with a Specialization in Marriage and Family Therapy at the same institution.

During her academic career, Lauren provided psychosocial services for residents of the Chicago area who suffered from various mental health problems including dual diagnosis disorders. As a support specialist, Lauren assisted clients in learning to live day to day with their mental illness and practice different forms of symptom reduction. As a domestic violence counseling intern, she worked predominantly with families as well as children and adolescents.

In her spare time Lauren loves spending time with her cherished family, boyfriend and friends. She also loves caring for her mini-pig, Ganon or “Gigi”. Lauren enjoys watching movies, obsessing over anything Halloween related, and going to concerts.