Erica Bell, M.S.

Group Therapist

With great skill and consummate compassion, Group Therapist Erica Bell leads psychoeducational classes at Adolescent Growth that are fun, insightful and informative. The safe spaces that Erica provides for the teens in our care help them learn to cope effectively with struggles and develop valuable life skills.

Erica was born in Worthington, Minnesota but raised in Wheaton, Illinois. Having known from a young age that her calling was helping teens, she attended Northern Illinois University and earned a Masters in Science with a specialization in Marriage and Family Therapy. For Erica, the field of Psychology was an easy choice. Her strong desire to make a difference in the lives of others made her decision to become a therapist a perfect fit.

According to Erica, the complexities of the teenage mind present a number of unique and exciting challenges. She finds it wonderfully rewarding when the teens in her care have breakthroughs and learn to see things from new and exciting perspectives. Teaching teens to become their own source of support and comfort in such a trying world brings Erica a sense of fulfillment that shines through in all of the work that she does with us.

Erica brings to Adolescent Growth a wealth of knowledge and experience, much of which was gained during her time as an adventure group therapist with youth aged 6-18 years. Erica states that this work was challenging but rewarding, and helped prepare her for her role as a leader in the treatment of troubled teens.

In her spare time, Erica loves to be with her cherished friends and family. Otherwise she enjoys relaxing and watching her favorite shows or movies, reading, journaling and listening to music.