Jonathan Bach, M.A., L.M.F.T.

Program Manager

As Program Manager, Jonathan leads the treatment team at Sherman Oaks with great empathy and an urgent commitment to the well-being of the teens in our care. With advanced clinical expertise, he guides our treatment staff in providing quality care to teens and creating individualized treatment plans that illicit dramatic results. On weekends Jonathan facilitates our Multi Family Restoration group with a refreshing energy and leadership style that helps families heal bonds and forge new, healthy relationships.

Jonathan was compelled to pursue Psychology when he took his first psych class at Appalachian State University. He quickly came to appreciate its enormous capacity for helping people solve difficult life problems. This seemingly endless potential for providing practical solutions to troubled individuals and families captivated him and inspired a career.

With a passion for spreading knowledge and helping others, Jonathan earned his Masters in Psychology at the Philips Graduate Institute of Psychology in Chatsworth, California. He then went on to become a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in the interest of working one-on-one with teens and their families to assist them in their journeys of recovery. Today Jonathan lives this dream by helping teens and young adults acquire the confidence and skills they need to navigate a growing and complex world.

As a teen Jonathan recalls having a strong supportive network of adults and peers. Above all else he says that this helped him succeed despite the trials and tribulations of adolescence. “I have always been a firm believer that the earlier you can identify and solve a problem, the better prognosis one will have for a happy and healthy adult life.” Having been given such a tremendous gift, Jonathan aspires to be that supportive influence in the lives of teens at Adolescent Growth by inspiring them to implement lasting changes for the better.

When he is not at work Jonathan can be found in the garage working on cars, a passion he has enjoyed since his teenage years.