George Nakar, M.F.T.I.

Primary Therapist

With a remarkable ability to forge meaningful connections with teens, Primary Therapist George provides intensive and individualized therapy to our charges in Commerce, California. George’s client-based treatment philosophy emboldens even the most troubled teens and helps them secure futures built on competence, happiness and deeper meaning. With a vivid understanding of what makes teens tick, George creates treatment plans that provide powerful insight and produce startling results in even the most treatment resistant young people.

Born and raised in sunny California, George attended UC Santa Barbara where he earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology, a subject that George says was a natural choice for him. With the singular goal of helping others in mind, George continued his education at Pepperdine University where he earned a Masters Degree in Clinical Psychology with an emphasis on Marriage and Family Therapy. Today George is a Marriage and Family Therapist Clinician whose passion is helping adolescents grow into the inspired individuals he knows they can be.

George’s commitment to helping teens in crisis was born out of his own experiences as a young person. Many of George’s closest friends made poor decisions and set upon paths full of dangerous decisions and unhealthy choices. George could only watch as their lives took too many turns for the worse. It was that feeling of helplessness that drove George to pursue his goal of becoming a role model for troubled teens. George strongly believes that care, compassion and understanding are the keys to compelling teens to make better decisions and ultimately learn to love themselves and embrace life.

When he is not at Adolescent Growth, George can be found at the beach soaking up the sun, working out or enjoying a meal at In N Out.