The Twelve-Step Program

The twelve-step program is a tried and true set of principles that have helped millions of individuals abstain from harmful substances and behaviors that endanger their physical, mental and emotional health.  It has its roots in Alcoholics Anonymous, but today the steps are used to help individuals suffering from a variety of addictions and compulsions including alcohol, drugs, eating disorders, self harm and much more.

How do the twelve steps help?

The twelve step program treats addictions and behavioral problems as diseases rather than personal shortcomings.  Recovery is sought holistically and our twelve step groups consider the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual effects of addiction and behavioral problems on the individual and the family.

The first step involves accepting that you have a problem and that your life has become unmanageable.  This is a difficult step for many teens who may be in denial about the effects of substance abuse and behavioral issues on their lives and their loved ones.  Many of our clients find that the support they get  from their peers in the program helps them to recognize that their behavior is harmful.

12 step meetings rely heavily on group participation and peer support is an integral part of the program.  Teens form strong bonds with their peers in treatment and peer support is a valuable asset to recovery.

Twelve-Step Programs at Adolescent Growth

Your teen will attend twelve step meetings with us five days per week. He or she will be encouraged to integrate the twelve step principles into their individual treatment process.

Adolescents in our program often adopt the twelve steps with great enthusiasm and you will often find them discussing which step they are working on, which is most difficult and which has helped them the most.  They share their ideas and impressions amongst one another and develop new, supportive relationships based on the shared desire to remain sober.